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Harrison offers Accurate assessment of costing proposals and relating final decisions based on Harrison’s knowledge and experience. Full transparency on every transactions and operations is also guaranteed. With Harrison’s stringent cost control, our clients can be assured that best value is always achieved on the entire project cycle.

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Procurement and Contracts management

A well-prepared Procurement Plan is a key factor in the successful delivery of the project. Procurement Management is the supervision of acquisition of goods and/or services at the best possible total cost, in the right quantity and quality, delivered on time and by the right source, at the same time considering factors such as delivery and handling, marginal benefit, and price fluctuations. The procurement plan will identify the most advantageous contracting method for the project, the list of construction packages, potential contractors and sub-contractors, and a procurement schedule.

Cost management

Harrison’s service under cost management includes: Strategic advice during project inception; Contractual advice during project inception and tender stages based on forecasted capital and operation costing ; Project cost management during complete project cycle; Operation costing advice; Tracking and control of construction budget over the project cycle

Harrison provides complete transparency of all procurement transactions and full integration with client’s operational and purchasing policies that are currently in existence. Formal reporting systems are agreed upon prior the commencement of the project. These procurement systems incorporate cost and program control, contract award, monitoring and payment practices.
Tracking and control construction budgets over the project cycle are of paramount important. Highly detailed valuation cost assessments are undertaken with BoQ line by line scrutiny, saving the client significant project costs.